The Pastor, The Shepherd!

For some, he is a profiteer, someone who does not work and seeks to earn a living through the Church.

For others, he is the man of God, a servant of God, anointed to be the channel of blessing in life.

The Pastoral Ministry is a very interesting ministry because the pastor is connected with the local church, it is from the hands of the pastor that other ministries arise.

Because the pastor is a caregiver more than a preacher, he is a father more than a teacher, he can take you, he listens to you, he cries with you, he laughs with you, he is there for your best interest.

The intriguing thing about this job for me is seeing how people change afterwards ...

When people come looking for salvation, direction, liberation, counselling, healing, conceiving, employment, the same people have great affection, they are Father here and Father there, my Pastor or Apostle, my man of God, all this until they get what they are looking for, then the situation changes.

Do not change just because you have reached your answers, continue to stand firm in serving God and giving strength and strength to your pastor.

The people who speak ill of the pastors most of the time are those who were very close to him and usually the ones that he helped the most.

In this endeavour, many got into situations of attacking the man of God and did so very badly.

Be careful not to get involved in this as the consequences will come.

Today the pastor is nothing because of his prayers you are now finally married, and the company that you started is already working, the promotion has manifested itself, and today the pastor is now a problem!
The Pastor, The Shepherd!
The Pastor, The Shepherd!
Can you no longer continue in the same Church or as a believer, help the one who helped you yesterday, when you needed it. Don't you think that would be better?

The problem is that many people just like to use pastors for their purposes and then discard them.

Unfortunately, many unknowingly are killing the men of God, because to some the pastor is spirit and he does not feel pain, and he does not cry.

Galatians 6: 7, 9, 10 - NTLH

Make no mistake: No one makes fun of God. Whatever a person sows, that's what he will reap.
Let us not tire of doing good. For, if we do not get discouraged, the right time will come when we will harvest.

Therefore, whenever we can, we must do good to everyone, especially those who are part of our family in the faith.

Hebrews 13:17 - NLT

Obey your leaders and follow your orders, as they always take care of your spiritual needs because they know they will be accountable to God. If you obey, they will do the job with joy; but if you do not obey, they will work with sadness, and that will not help you at all.

Jonas F. Quembo

Sobre o Apóstolo Jonas F Quembo: Jonas F Quembo, Website e Blogue. Jonas Quembo é Apóstolo, Autor, Conferêncista e Fundador e Pastor Presidente da Igreja Centro da Nova Geração.

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Jonas F Quembo, Website e Blogue. Jonas Quembo é Apóstolo, Autor, Conferêncista e Fundador e Pastor Presidente da Igreja Centro da Nova Geração. Jonas F Quembo
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