What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong!

In life, no one has all the knowledge about certain areas and things happen without prior notification, things that are in your power can go wrong and others that you depend on other players can also go wrong.

The truth is that no one likes things to go wrong in life, but life has its own way of making it happen.

There are things that go wrong because of something someone has done, in fact the situations not only go wrong for the bad people, the good ones are also victims of those situations.

There are times when someone tries to seek relief but unfortunately everywhere is going wrong, starting from home or relationship, after a big investment suddenly signs of betrayal appear and divorce conversations appear at the table, in the workplace, being fired without clear reasons or being demoted at the time you dreamed of a promotion, in the business you may lose large sums of money and this leads to an eminent bankruptcy, suddenly your circle of friendship begins to close, there are those who invoke bad luck, there are those who invoke spell, there are those who invoke persecution there are those who invoke envy but, however, the situation is not well.

What to do in this situation?
Everything is going wrong and it seems that at this moment the head heats up more, frustration takes over you, because you need an answer as you face these sad situations every time.

There are situations that happen in life for us to teach a lesson that we can never forget. Nothing in life is a guaranteed constant, the only constant is God in our lives, God does not depend on anyone to be God.

Meanwhile, each of us depends on each other, GOD is God for himself. Even before creating man and animals, he was already God.

The same was true of the disciples of Jesus Christ at sea that day, when there was a great storm. It was a good day when they went to sea to continue their journey, but in the middle of the sea a storm arose. And it was there that things started to go wrong, no one could have imagined that Jesus' disciples would be in trouble of this nature.

The fact that you are a believer does not mean that you are exempt from the bad situations in life, you can be a Pastor, Apostle, servant of God, worker, Evangelist, or whatever your religious nomenclature you boast it will not prevent you from go through a situation that goes wrong in your life.

In the context of the disciples, Jesus was not present with them but at the time of the crisis, that everything was going wrong He was present and gave them a word, just be of good cheer.

Matthew 14:24 - 27 | ARA

However, the boat was already far away, at many stages of the land, whipped by the waves; because the wind was against it.

In the fourth watch of the night, Jesus came to them, walking over the sea.

And when the disciples saw him walking on the water, they were terrified and exclaimed: It is a ghost! And, terrified, they screamed.
What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong!
What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong!
But Jesus immediately said to them: Be of good cheer! It's me. Fear not!

When things are going wrong, sometimes the vision suffers to the point of confusing Jesus with a ghost, the vision suffers to the point of seeing the person who is there to help you as the problem itself. Watch out!

How many times have you confused someone who was there to heal you emotionally with someone who hurt you?

It is that you have already suffered many casualties and your vision tends to be negative and you are defensive at every moment.

Maybe you are living in that moment right now when everything is going wrong.

There is nothing that is going right in your life, it seems that everything is going from bad to worse.

Perhaps you are surrounded by negative situations, wrong things happening everywhere affecting your spiritual, emotional, psychological, emotional, financial or academic life.

And people have already advised you to go to the healer and you went, but things only got worse and you even went so far as to isolate yourself from people and now you stay in your corner, even thinking about taking your own life while inquiring, what else can go wrong in your life?

Pay attention now while I finish, Jesus' disciples went through this and Jesus said to him at that moment.

Be of good cheer - Cheer up, maybe you will ask me how? Animating does not depend on external factors but internal, it rejoices because no storm lasts a lifetime, what you are going through is a phase and will pass.

According to him, I am, Jesus Christ was telling the disciples to have peace, to be encouraged because He was already present. Because the disciples knew him, they knew that there is no situation that could be so stubborn that it would not submit to God's will.

Do You Know Jesus Christ?
When Your Things Go Wrong, Where Do You Run To?

If you don't know Jesus Christ, you can receive him today as your Lord and savior!

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