God Is Not Yours Alone - Zedechias Syndrome

1 King 22:24 - So Zedechias, the son of Quenaaná, when he arrived, wounded Micaiah on his face and said: Where has the Spirit of the Lord passed from me to speak to you?

Every believer who is saved and forgiven by the shed of the blood of Jesus Christ is called to serve.
The service area and calling type is in the hands of the caller.

Unfortunately today we are living in a time when people rise up to defend God or choose and call people in God's name meanwhile, reject, humiliate others, speak bad.

There are those who think or think of themselves as a call quality check agent.

My dear ones we can't forget that God is Sovereign, He calls and uses whoever He wants whenever He wants. God is no one's private. Just because a person doesn't talk, doesn't do things like you doesn't mean it's not from God.
God Is Not Yours Alone - Zedechias Syndrome
God Is Not Yours Alone - Zedechias Syndrome
There are people (men of God) today who can't see God in anything that others do or promote, but if they are doing it, yes it is God.

Beware that we take the risk of Zedechias, who thought for being in the corridors of power and being a leader of 400 Prophets was thought to be the only voice speaker of God. And that God was only for him, I was only talking to him and no one else. Be careful to make the same mistake, inside your zeal, inside your theology, within your experience also leaves a small space, for another voice holder that God can decide to use that it is not you. Or not from your church or circle of friends.

Don't forget that in the past you used an animal that spoke to the Prophet... Zedekias sent to make for himself iron horns and said: thus says the Lord: with these wounds to the sirs, even after all consume them. And all the other Prophets were saying the same thing before King End and Josephat.

Just because everyone is saying the same thing doesn't mean it's true and just because you're against something doesn't mean its true either. We need the Spirit of discernment.. That's what King Josaphat had, he realized something was wrong.

Asked if there was another Prophet that wasn't from the Team, from the same Church, that wasn't in the same Bible school... Interestingly Micahiah was in jail and was known to be a true Prophet because he said he does not prophesy good things, it is that a prophet of God should not prophesy good thing but rather, what God speaks and period.

Micaiah wasn't part of the cast of the End Prophets, maybe because he didn't know how to joke, Micaiah wasn’t part of the religious elites, he didn’t speak maybe like them, he didn’T do what they did and therefore he was isolated and wasn’t counted as such others. But the word of God came to him. He was the one chosen to be the speaker, if the king had heard him, he wouldn't have died. But unfortunately, he chose to listen to the majority and the prophecy of Micaiah was fulfilled but out of 400 nothing was fulfilled!

This is what made Zedechias to say: Where has the Spirit of the Lord passed from me to speak to you?
For him God shouldn't talk to Mica, he should only talk to him and his men.

Micahiah was wounded because he heard the voice of God clearly. The persecution you are a victim of is not just a consequence of sin, it may be because you are a true man of God.

There are those who don't accept that God speaks to you, that God uses you to save souls, bring revival, bring transformation to the community or God bless you, they will always say it's nothing.

I want to encourage you, to move on, God when you call someone, don't consult anyone's opinion. He does what pleases him.

Let's be careful these days something may seem like joy while it's actually wheat.

Let's believe that apart from us or myself God can lift another person up, will accept that I'm not the only Prophet, or Evangelist, the great Apostle, the Reverend, great idea of Praise and Worship etc, there are others who may still be in the unknown morning.

He's the boss who takes one and puts another according to his will and his divine purposes.

I am not the only one anointed by God, there are many others.

1 Corinthians 1:27 - 29
On the contrary, God chose the crazy things of the world to confuse the wise; and God chose the weak things of the world, to confuse the strong; And God chose the unworthy things of the world, and the despised, and those that are not, to reduce to nothing that are; so that no mortal may boast in the presence of God.

Romans 14:4, 10
Who are you to judge the servant of others? For his own Lord he stands or falls; but he stands firm, for the Lord is mighty to stand him. But you, why you judge your brother? Or you too why do you despise your brother? For we all must appear before the judgment of God.

Shalom, something to reflect on.

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